A new vision for agriculture
momagri, movement for a world agricultural organization, is a think tank chaired by Christian Pèes.
It brings together, managers from the agricultural world and important people from external perspectives,
such as health, development, strategy and defense. Its objective is to promote regulation
of agricultural markets by creating new evaluation tools, such as economic models and indicators,
and by drawing up proposals for an agricultural and international food policy.
A look at the news

The momagri model, an economic tool that sparks much interest

01 march 2010

As we indicated this past December1, the momagri model has been published on the Social Science Research Network (SSRN)2.website. It is already generating a great deal of interest and inquiries from international economists concerned with rightly determining the model’s scope of analysis, its theoretical implications and future prospects regarding risk modelization on commodity markets, in particular agricultural commodities.

Bertrand Munier, Chief Economist at momagri, has responded to these inquiries in a memorandum that will be published shortly in Risk and Decision Analysis, along with an article on the momagri model.

We will certainly keep you abreast of the article publication date and the progress of this necessary and oh so very current debate regarding risk modelization of agriculture in financialized markets.

That is the main goal of the approach of the momagri model, and more generally of the momagri think-tank itself: To take another look at markets, to compare viewpoints based on detailed and scientific bases and to make use of new types of economic tools, since old problems can only be solved with new ideas.

“One must travel and polish one’s brain against that of others,” wrote Montaigne…

1 http://www.momagri.org/UK/momagri-model/First-science-research-paper-on-the-momagri-model_589.html
2 http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=1508650

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