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momagri, movement for a world agricultural organization, is a think tank chaired by Christian Pèes.
It brings together, managers from the agricultural world and important people from external perspectives,
such as health, development, strategy and defense. Its objective is to promote regulation
of agricultural markets by creating new evaluation tools, such as economic models and indicators,
and by drawing up proposals for an agricultural and international food policy.
A look at the news

Putting an end to Doha to rethink the WTO foundations

30 January 2012

“The Doha Round is deadlocked. The Doha negotiations have failed.” Such is the conclusion reached by Nicolas Sarkozy in his January 20, 2012 speech to the foreign diplomatic corps.

In spite of the tireless efforts of Pascal Lamy, the WTO Director General, the talks launched in 2001 have been stalled for years, as we are regularly pointing out since 20051.

The reasons for such failure are manifold––among others, a too ambitious round, too complex negotiation procedures and dated references––but above all, the political leaders of developed and developing countries have become progressively aware of the risks linked to unregulated trade liberalization and the phasing out of policies supporting agriculture.

The Doha Round is now quite far from its original appellation of “development round.” Hence, due to the declining interest it currently sparks and its uselessness faced with the new economic and agricultural realities, is it not time to record the “clinical death” of the Doha Round and initiate a new round of negotiations that includes the many risks that confront agricultural markets and directly impact international trade?

Far from involving the reassessment of the WTO, such decision would, on the contrary, allow to rethink its foundations on new bases that would encompass the realities of agriculture. Advocating the development of trade flows must not be achieved at the expense of the development and food security of nations.

1 Please see momagri’s articles “WTO Public Forum: Doha is past its sell-by date” at http://www.momagri.org/UK/editorials/WTO-Public-Forum-Doha-is-past-its-sell-by-date_985.html, and “Doha clearly in a stalemate” http://www.momagri.org/UK/a-look-at-the-news/Doha-clearly-in-a-stalemate_981.html

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