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momagri, movement for a world agricultural organization, is a think tank chaired by Christian Pèes.
It brings together, managers from the agricultural world and important people from external perspectives,
such as health, development, strategy and defense. Its objective is to promote regulation
of agricultural markets by creating new evaluation tools, such as economic models and indicators,
and by drawing up proposals for an agricultural and international food policy.
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For Germany, "Agricultural commodities are not just another product"

25 Avril 2011

"Germany supports the initiative from France, in the framework of the G20, for an action plan to improve the global food situation and to contain extreme price movements," said Ilse Aigner, the German Agriculture and Consumer Protection Minister.

A few days before the G20 finance ministers meeting in Washington, the German Government thus indicated its position regarding agricultural price volatility. Berlin estimates that "food and agricultural commodities are not just another product," and now advocates fighting speculation. In that respect, Germany concurs with the French and the American position.

Observers are thus increasingly considering the existence of a link between agricultural commodity speculation and the recent price volatility of agricultural products. This position is shared by the German NGO Welthungerhilfe (World Hunger Aid), which recently published the results of a survey1 indicating that the influx of financial investors in agricultural markets generated a 15 percent increase of wheat, corn, rice and soybean prices between 2007 and 2009. Likewise, the German Institute For Economic Research (DIW) released findings along the lines of a correlation between agricultural price increases and financial speculation.

The plan of action currently advocated by Germany includes better transparency in agricultural markets. In particular, Berlin calls for the creation of a "repository of transactions" for financial marketplaces. This proposal is similar to the "information exchange" championed in early April by U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, and should represent one of the chief proposals for the up-coming G20 Summit in June.

1 http://www.welthungerhilfe.de/fileadmin/media/pdf/Studien/FINAL_WHH_2011-04-08.pdf
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